Spring love

Spring is in the air. So is love. These last few weeks I have seen so many male animals trying to woo a not so eager female. Just a couple of days ago I saw a male bird on my porch trying to cozy up to his female counterpart. Every time he moved closer she took two steps back. She did not seem the least bit interested by his advances. Today at the zoo there were three peacocks chasing a female. She was literally running from them. Anytime I’ve seen male animals attempting to seduce a female, she appeared to be annoyed and wanted no part of what he had to offer. Have you ever seen animals mating? The female looks like she’s being tortured. Like she just wants to get it over with. Female humans seem to be the only species who are so concerned with getting a males attention. Only female humans compete for the attention of a man. Maybe we should follow in the footsteps of the female animal kingdom. Seems to be the more they get ignored by the object of their desire, the harder they chase after her. Female animals make the men work for their goodies. They do NOT let it go that easy. Male animals have to prove their masculinity to her, have to show why he is more worthy than the other males. This is how it should be for humans too. Make him prove that he is worth your attention, that he has more to offer than the next guy. 


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