A good friend of mine told me once that love is something that develops over time and you can’t possibly love someone before you truly get to know them. I’m not 100% sure that I agree with that theory. I do agree that you shouldn’t rush into situations but at the same time I genuinely believe that there are people you meet in life that you “just know” you want to be next to. There was a guy once that from the minute I saw him I knew I wanted to be close to him. And when we hung out for the first time, it was as if I had known him for years. There wasn’t that uncomfortable awkwardness that you generally feel on a first date. There was not that fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. He got me……and I got him. We could unapologetically be ourselves with each other and every time I was with him, time ceased to exist. Time went in slow motion when he was around. I’m not saying that I loved him but I know that if it would have went on just a little while longer I would have. I still think about this person and wonder what might have been. Yet, there are other people I dated that I barely thought twice about after it was over. Relationships that I moved on from far quicker than I would have guessed. So who’s to say what love is? Time doesn’t define how much you love a person. You can be with a person 2 months and fall head over heels in love. At the same time, you can be with someone for years and not be in love with them at all.


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