Love game 

It seems like nowadays, dating has become one big game. My personal opinion is that it has also become one big joke. But let me not get off topic. Nowadays, it seems like there are all these “rules” to play by and it is a battle of wits. “Don’t tell him that you like him” “Act like you don’t care” “Don’t act happy to hear from him when he texts or calls you”. Basically, act as completely uninterested as possible to gain his attention. I do not do well at this game because I’m a very open and honest person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I like you, I’m going to tell you. If you hurt my feelings, you will know. If you asked me to go out with you and then break plans, I am not going to act unbothered. I am going to let you know that you’re a selfish jerk. My female friends say that this is exactly the problem. They say that I’m not supposed to act like I care that plans were cancelled, I’m not supposed to say that I’m hurt because things didn’t go the route I wanted it to. 
I tried to follow their advice and act as nonchalant as possible. I did the whole “yeah it’s cool I made other plans anyway” bit. I pretended like I was in the middle of 500 other things when someone I liked called me. I lied and said I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I pretended that the last guy I dealt with didn’t break my heart. But in the end, no matter how much you put on this facade, the feelings are still the same inside. I don’t understand when it became wrong to show interest in someone. When did it become wrong to tell someone you’re looking for a relationship? I’m supposed to lie and tell you I just want something casual? No thank you. I’m going to be honest and lay my cards on the table and if you don’t like it or feel the same way then don’t waste your time or my time for that matter. I recently stopped talking to someone that would contact me all week then conveniently disappear every weekend and then come back every Monday to give me an excuse. “I got called in to work” “my cousin died” “I went through some things this weekend”. My response? “Cut the s***, you were with your girl this weekend”. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out. I told him to move along and stop wasting my time and I never spoke to him again. My friend said I should have just continued to play it cool and not say anything, make it look like I wasn’t even concerned with what he did over the weekend. She said don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing you even thought about it. But WHY? Why should I continue to waste my time, energy or ICloud storage on a person that clearly has no regard for me or my feelings? I don’t care if I inflated your ego by making it known that it bothered me because I will never see or speak to you again. I recently read an article about this same topic and I would like to share a snippet of it with you:



Watch Lady Gaga Love Game






Happy birthday to me!

So my birthday is this Monday and I went out last night to the city with my bestie. We had a BLAST! We started out at a Mexican restaurant called Dos Caminos. I ordered snapper ceviche, loaded nachos with guacamole and chicken taquitos. The best part is the waiter didn’t charge us for our drinks and I got carded for alcohol which was a little bit of an ego booster lol. 

After Dos Caminos, we went to a little hole in the wall comedy club in Greenwich Village. My friend was a little tipsy and the comedian asked her where she works. She is the manager of an upscale furniture warehouse and she responds “I work for furniture” at which point the comedian says “you work for furniture? Is your boss a recliner?” Lol. 

After getting our laughs we ended at a dance club called Gonzalez y Gonzalez. Let me tell you…….we had so much fun there! There was a live salsa band followed by a DJ set. I haven’t danced at a club in years and I felt like I was blasted back to the past. It reminded me of our high school days when we would go dancing every week at a club called Latin Paradise. The thing that I love about the Spanish clubs is the fact that the men are so respectful. You will NEVER go to a Latin club and not get asked to dance. They LOVE to dance. They are very respectful while dancing and a Latin man will make you feel beautiful while dancing with him. He will always thank you afterwards for allowing him to dance with you. We danced a little merengue and reggaeton and ended up there til 3 am. I definitely want to go back there.



If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever ❤️

-Alfred Tennyson

This is one of my favorite love quotes. Tennyson is one of the most popular English language poets. He was also known as Lord Tennyson. He was Poet Laureate in the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Victoria. Tennyson lived from 1809-1892 and is also known for his famous quote “tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”.

Super simple avocado salad


So I wanted to share this super quick and easy  avocado salad recipe. It is a perfect summer dish to go along with your entree. 


-2 avocados

-1 large cucumber 

-1 large tomato

-1/2 cup cilantro leaves

-2 lemons

-salt (preferable sea salt)


-Dice the avocado, tomatoes and cucumber and put in large bowl

-Chop cilantro and add to bowl

-Squeeze lemons into mix

-season with salt and mix everything together

Voila!!!!! Avocado salad.

*I also made shrimp skewers on the side. Just clean and season shrimp with lemon, oil, sea salt and pepper and sauté in skillet for about 8 minutes

Calling all Crabs

  Happy Cancer season to all my fellow crabs! Not everyone believes in the zodiac and astrology, but I do. Anyone who knows the qualities of the Cancer sign knows that I am a Cancer to the fullest. One guy asked me once what sign I was. When I told him Cancer, he said “oh so you’re crazy”. I like to think of it more along the lines of “passionate”. Cancers are a very complex group as they are ruled primarily by emotions and feelings. Many decisions are made impulsively off of emotion. Cancers are extremely loyal friends and partners and are the nurturer of the zodiac, however, this often leaves Cancer drained as they are always worried about everybody else’s feelings. Cancers are very self sufficient physically but very dependent emotionally. Cancers need to be needed. Perhaps this is why they represent motherhood, because they nurture and love the feeling of being depended on. Cancers like to socialize in small groups of close friends and like to maintain friendships forever. Rejection is not taken well by a cancer and often leads to feelings of self doubt and self pity. I know personally, I don’t let go of things easily. If someone hurts me or breaks my heart, it takes me a long time to get over. I think this is because I give so much and go so hard that I am left disappointed when that same effort is not returned. 

Cancers can be very moody and temperamental. One minute they’re an angel, the next they appear as if their head is going to do a complete 360. Cancers are fragile and delicate and sometimes take offense at things that weren’t even really offensive to begin with. Because cancers are so sensitive, they are extremely intuitive and sense change very easily. They know when something “is not right”. They sense immediately  when someone is not being genuine and they are very turned off by dishonesty. 

If you want to be friends with or date a Cancer, I suggest you be honest and genuine. A cancer does not like dishonesty at ALL! once you break the trust of a Cancer, it is hard to gain back. A Cancer is a friend/partner for life and will always be there for you, but only if they feel the effort is being reciprocated. 

Famous Cancers:

Ariana Grande

Kevin Hart

Robin Williams

Tom Cruise

Tom Hanks

Summer lovin

  Summer is here and I’m happy because,well, I’m a summer baby. Nothing better than being born in the height of warm weather, sunny skies and limitless opportunities for where you can celebrate (whether indoors or outdoors). Okay let me stop bragging. But I really do love the summer. Everything about it makes me happy. I am one of those people who is always cold once it goes below 75 degrees so this is my season all the way!  And I love the feeling of being weightless, not having to schlep around a coat, sweater, scarf and other numerous accessories. Driving with the window down and music turned up, strolls along the boardwalk, the ice cream truck, the beach, walking through the city on a warm night. Late sunsets marked by a purple pink hue in the sky. And can’t forget stepping out of my office every half hour to feel the sun on my face. Cute sunglasses, flowing sundresses, wedges and sandals. Watching my son run through the sprinklers or splash in the waves. Barbecues, fireworks, parks……the opportunities are endless.