Calling all Crabs

  Happy Cancer season to all my fellow crabs! Not everyone believes in the zodiac and astrology, but I do. Anyone who knows the qualities of the Cancer sign knows that I am a Cancer to the fullest. One guy asked me once what sign I was. When I told him Cancer, he said “oh so you’re crazy”. I like to think of it more along the lines of “passionate”. Cancers are a very complex group as they are ruled primarily by emotions and feelings. Many decisions are made impulsively off of emotion. Cancers are extremely loyal friends and partners and are the nurturer of the zodiac, however, this often leaves Cancer drained as they are always worried about everybody else’s feelings. Cancers are very self sufficient physically but very dependent emotionally. Cancers need to be needed. Perhaps this is why they represent motherhood, because they nurture and love the feeling of being depended on. Cancers like to socialize in small groups of close friends and like to maintain friendships forever. Rejection is not taken well by a cancer and often leads to feelings of self doubt and self pity. I know personally, I don’t let go of things easily. If someone hurts me or breaks my heart, it takes me a long time to get over. I think this is because I give so much and go so hard that I am left disappointed when that same effort is not returned. 

Cancers can be very moody and temperamental. One minute they’re an angel, the next they appear as if their head is going to do a complete 360. Cancers are fragile and delicate and sometimes take offense at things that weren’t even really offensive to begin with. Because cancers are so sensitive, they are extremely intuitive and sense change very easily. They know when something “is not right”. They sense immediately  when someone is not being genuine and they are very turned off by dishonesty. 

If you want to be friends with or date a Cancer, I suggest you be honest and genuine. A cancer does not like dishonesty at ALL! once you break the trust of a Cancer, it is hard to gain back. A Cancer is a friend/partner for life and will always be there for you, but only if they feel the effort is being reciprocated. 

Famous Cancers:

Ariana Grande

Kevin Hart

Robin Williams

Tom Cruise

Tom Hanks


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