Summer lovin

  Summer is here and I’m happy because,well, I’m a summer baby. Nothing better than being born in the height of warm weather, sunny skies and limitless opportunities for where you can celebrate (whether indoors or outdoors). Okay let me stop bragging. But I really do love the summer. Everything about it makes me happy. I am one of those people who is always cold once it goes below 75 degrees so this is my season all the way!  And I love the feeling of being weightless, not having to schlep around a coat, sweater, scarf and other numerous accessories. Driving with the window down and music turned up, strolls along the boardwalk, the ice cream truck, the beach, walking through the city on a warm night. Late sunsets marked by a purple pink hue in the sky. And can’t forget stepping out of my office every half hour to feel the sun on my face. Cute sunglasses, flowing sundresses, wedges and sandals. Watching my son run through the sprinklers or splash in the waves. Barbecues, fireworks, parks……the opportunities are endless. 


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