Love game 

It seems like nowadays, dating has become one big game. My personal opinion is that it has also become one big joke. But let me not get off topic. Nowadays, it seems like there are all these “rules” to play by and it is a battle of wits. “Don’t tell him that you like him” “Act like you don’t care” “Don’t act happy to hear from him when he texts or calls you”. Basically, act as completely uninterested as possible to gain his attention. I do not do well at this game because I’m a very open and honest person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I like you, I’m going to tell you. If you hurt my feelings, you will know. If you asked me to go out with you and then break plans, I am not going to act unbothered. I am going to let you know that you’re a selfish jerk. My female friends say that this is exactly the problem. They say that I’m not supposed to act like I care that plans were cancelled, I’m not supposed to say that I’m hurt because things didn’t go the route I wanted it to. 
I tried to follow their advice and act as nonchalant as possible. I did the whole “yeah it’s cool I made other plans anyway” bit. I pretended like I was in the middle of 500 other things when someone I liked called me. I lied and said I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I pretended that the last guy I dealt with didn’t break my heart. But in the end, no matter how much you put on this facade, the feelings are still the same inside. I don’t understand when it became wrong to show interest in someone. When did it become wrong to tell someone you’re looking for a relationship? I’m supposed to lie and tell you I just want something casual? No thank you. I’m going to be honest and lay my cards on the table and if you don’t like it or feel the same way then don’t waste your time or my time for that matter. I recently stopped talking to someone that would contact me all week then conveniently disappear every weekend and then come back every Monday to give me an excuse. “I got called in to work” “my cousin died” “I went through some things this weekend”. My response? “Cut the s***, you were with your girl this weekend”. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out. I told him to move along and stop wasting my time and I never spoke to him again. My friend said I should have just continued to play it cool and not say anything, make it look like I wasn’t even concerned with what he did over the weekend. She said don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing you even thought about it. But WHY? Why should I continue to waste my time, energy or ICloud storage on a person that clearly has no regard for me or my feelings? I don’t care if I inflated your ego by making it known that it bothered me because I will never see or speak to you again. I recently read an article about this same topic and I would like to share a snippet of it with you:



Watch Lady Gaga Love Game






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