What’s your fetish?

So I was listening to Hot 97 yesterday morning on my way to work and they were discussing fetishes. There are those who have the “typical” fetishes such as feet and then there are those with what most people would agree is a bit more out there. I saw a documentary once on television about adults who dress up in big fuzzy costumes and have sex in costume. They even have conventions where they can attend in costume and meet other people who share their similar taste. I myself find it a bit odd and don’t find anything sexual about a man dressed in a big blue fuzzy costume, but hey, to each his own.

So, according to the morning show, some of the top 10 fetishes are:

-feet (sucking them, rubbing them, being rubbed by them) 

-adults dressed as babies (it’s usually the man dressed as a baby and the woman acts as the “mommy”) which actually doesn’t surprise me that this is a turn on for men because they always wanna be babied

-water sports (which is basically getting it on in water) 


-leather/plastic attire


There are underground spots that people can go to and pay to have their fetishes acted out. One place has women dressed in lingerie and they basically act out whatever fetish the man requests, such as being able to suck on the woman’s toes or masturbating in front of the men. No sex takes place  and there is security to ensure no one crosses the line. Apparently the women make a nice dollar playing into these fantasies.

It’s amazing that there is a fetish for almost anything. I saw a television special about a man who was turned on by helium balloons and had tons of them in his apartment. 

So what’s your fetish?