A Change For The Better

I am so happy for my son. I transferred him to a new school a couple of days ago because of ongoing issues at his old school (which I spoke about in my last entry) and a lack of follow up or problem solving from his school.

This new school reminds me of what a school is really supposed to be. It reminds me of my elementary school that I attended in Brooklyn. My son came out smiling and happy when I picked him up this afternoon and I haven’t seen that in a very long time. At his old school he was always upset, anxious and angry when I picked him up. 

My mom had to pick him up yesterday after school because I was at work. He called me from her phone and one of the first things he said was “yeah, they have an auditorium with seats for us to sit on!” At his old school, the lunchroom was also the gym and the auditorium. He said they were given a little bit of down time to paint and use the computer which was great to him. He works really well when he isn’t hovered over and when given a chance to transition from one activity to the next. His old school took all of the fun out of learning and felt like a school prison. I’ve heard other students say that they don’t like going to school there because staff is “mean” and I’ve heard parents who attended the school when they were younger say that the school “isn’t what it used to be”. They said back in the day, the school had carnivals and fun activities, which no longer take place. They have a carnival day that takes place in the cafeteria, of course, and it is very low budget and boring. My son asked to go home after ten minutes. The school treats students and parents more like robots than people. I did not feel comfortable or welcome whenever I would go to the mai office for whatever reason. I felt the administration spoke in a condescending manner and reacted to everything as if they were reading out of a manual. 

It’s only the first week at the new school so it’s too early to be overly optimistic but I already have a better vibe within these first few days than I ever did at his former school in the five years he was there.


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