The Day I Did Nothing

I was on vacation from work these last few days. Actually, I had a five day vacation. I was supposed to go to my second gig from 3 to 11 on Saturday, but was not feeling well due to a lingering sinus infection and I called out. Although I didn’t work over the weekend, I did not rest. I went out shopping at numerous stores, both for Christmas gifts and also for items that I needed at home since most stores would be closed Christmas Day.

On Monday, Christmas Eve, I had “vacation” but I wouldn’t exactly call it that. My job ended up calling me at 10 am and I was on the phone with staff I supervise until 5 pm. helping with a last minute deadline our job gave us. So I ended up clocking in from home. I definitely would not call that a break from my job.

I didn’t get to really relax until Christmas Day. We cooked but it was low key and intimate. We are a small bunch, my family. Today, however, I literally did absolutely NOTHING!!! And it felt so good.! You don’t realize how much you need a nothing day until you actually have it. So many times, even when we are off, we are not. We are running around doing errands, going to a second job, running around with children, etc. So I ask you….When was the las time you did NOTHING?

I didn’t even shower today (I don’t care what you think!) I woke up and ate leftovers from yesterday, looked at my phone for three hours and am currently laying on the couch in my pajamas watching a movie. When my movie is done, I will take a shower and get right back to the couch to watch another movie.

I strongly recommend you put aside a day for yourself at least once a month where you do nothing at all! Up until recently, I was working myself wayyyyy too hard. I would work my regular Monday through Friday job, then work a weekend day at my second gig. Then that would leave me one day to run all my errands and then drive into the city to pick up my son from his dad. There was zero time to myself. My department recently transferred to a new organization, and with this transition came new responsibilities and new systems to learn. I was also promoted to a supervisory position while still maintaining much of my previous responsibilities so it has been quite overwhelming. My hours at the office have gone longer during this new transition phase and that was when it really hit me. I realized I needed to take some time before I wore myself thin.

So now, every month I am going to take one day to do nothing at all and not feel guilty about it. I think we often think we are being lazy if we take a day to ourselves to just bum around the house. I was that person who equates running around like a madman to being productive. But it is not the case. It is mentally and physically healthy to have down time and take a break once in a while. It’s ok to not mop the floor for a day or two. It’s ok to run to the deli to get some necessities to hold you over a couple of days if you can’t make it to the supermarket for a big shop. It’s okay to say no to extra hours if you are exhausted. It’s okay to not cook and eat leftovers or boxed Mac and Cheese. It is OKAY!